Furyk Not Happy With Gleneagles Ryder Cup Course

Jim Furyk has expressed great disappointment with Gleneagles Ryder Cup course. The veteran American golfer took one glance at the course & smelled rat immediately. As per the star golfer Europe have engineered the condition deliberately to create an alien environ to catch the Americans while Ryder Cup commences this year.

“I am tad surprised by this set-up. I did not expect to find 8” rough out on the field & overly long as well as overly thick at places”, stated Furyk.

“Being a man who hits ball comparatively accurately whist I am playing good, it does not actually make me mad or anything, yet it has got kind of different feel. Usually, they allow us to get slightly more wild and aggressive in set-up for the match play & you find recoveries. You aren’t going to find ample recovery shots on the  course here. It would be extremely fortunate if one gets ball on green from say 160/170/180 yards. You are about to get a very fortunate lie”, he continued.

“In the low-lying regions around the greens, there must be some good fertilizer. I am little surprised with the field condition but not exactly sure whether it favors this side or others. It is just the course & we would go and play it.”

Paul McGinley, Europe’s captain has declined any claim regarding using any special influence in presenting the Centenary PGA Course.

“I would prefer to think that I am playing it just straight back when centers round course set-up”, noted McGinley.

“Honestly speaking, the rough here is comparatively thicker in comparison to the ideal- however, that was not a very calculated decision”, McGinley added in.

“We needed to have rough up yet I feel it’s the growing season that has prolonged & thickened it up a bit more.”

Furyk fizzles at US Open

Jim Furyk seemed to be quite unpredicatable. His name used to be “T4” which is the short name for the one who ties for 4th. He had a tendency of sneaking up in the leaderboards late and not scaring anyone that he has a possibility to win.

He had fabulous tours in the Olympia fields in the year 2003 where he wiped away for a zero and thirty one mark. This tournament marked the entry of a budding golf star in the picture. Since then Jim Furyk is seen as a force in the golf course to compete with.
Furyk had a golden opportunity to win the US Open this year. He had won US Open nine years before.

He could win it for the second time. He had a scope of getting past half dozen holes but went down the leaderboard. It happened really quickly which was enough to take the breath away. He claims that he played really well throughout the tournament except for the last three holes. He sounded depressed for not having won the US Open in spite of coming really close to win it.

The fortytwo year old American Golfer had even shot one par 1, but all in vain. The winner of US Open Webb Simpson was playing ahead of three groups and he even pulled a tie at one over but his second bogey at number thirteen led to his downfall. Furyk had an easy run in the fifteenth green with 2 par 5s in front of him. Here he had ample opportunity to walk away with elan. After the ruin, he made off the tee at 16, it was unbelievable that his wood did not go fly down the fairway following the ball.