Paul Casey trolled

It was a bright afternoon at the Alfred Dunhill Links. Paul Casey was about to hit his shot. Suddenly a dog came, took the ball, and simply ran off with it!

Well! It’s an incident that you do not get to hear every day. With a golf championship going on at Kingsbams in Scotland, it is awfully abstract to think that a dog could take away a ball from the ground.  Casey was preparing for a eagle putt from 20-foot distance at the par five 12th hole when this happened.

Paul Casey and his partner, Australian Olympic Swimming wonder Michael Phelps were simply spellbound to see this happening. They were laughing in astonishment as they had never seen such thing taking place on a golf course, with a championship match going on.

Then Casey bought a brand new golf ball to get away with the game and soon after one of them from the crowd came up with the ball which was taken away by the dog. The rules administrator of the European Tour came along to see both the balls and then allowed Casey to go on with the old ball after positioning it on the same spot from where it had been taken.

Paul Casey was simply amazes to see the incident as he said later that it was the weirdest thing that could happen on the golf course. He also reported that he was just about to hit the eagle putt from 20 foot distance at the 12th hole, which was his third, and suddenly a dog appeared and took away the ball. He left the putt short and was tapped in for a birdie.

Casey already had a disastrous season in 2012 and he now ranks 118 in the world. He survived a number of injuries this year. And now with this dog-attack, it seems that the luck factor is really not working for him.