Fate Of The Brand That Is Tiger

There is always a tease around Tiger Woods is regarding his coming back to the major tournaments.

His last consistent appearances stopped in 2015. He started off on a high note in 2012 when he made a comeback by winning three times and then he had about five victories in the next year and even won the title of PGA Tour Player of the Year. However, his performances declined subsequently and that might be why he has taken a back seat in terms of active performances on the courses of late.

There was a time when the public would hang on every rumor and tease about his possible comeback or participation in an upcoming event. With a number of false rumors and starts all that enthusiasm has been waning of late. This was evident when his book launch and even his appearance at the celebratory dinner at the Masters recently did not invoke as much excitement as it should have.

There is a comeback fatigue that is evident around him, especially since he is yet to announce his official retirement. Those who look into his endorsements feel that he is becoming a marketing liability as campaigns planned around him that do not take off is leading to public fatigue. Indeed, many marketing gurus feel that if he officially retired, he would keep his record intact and not keep it open to tarnishing it with failings. However, as his retirement from the game seems to be as elusive as ever, all that the public need to get adjusted to is the news of his ailments preventing him from playing. That is the reason that was given that prevented him from participating in the Masters lately. Now there are unofficial statements made about him planning to participate in the US Open in June.