Division I Golf Championships

All would agree that Jason Dufner, the American golfer, is quite a relaxed man. This is something that everyone has heard from golf commentators and golf writers. But Jason Dufner generally comes at the golf course with sweet golf swing and his monotone attitude.

Few days ago, Jason knocked his 3rd shot on the par-four 14th and went against Keegan Bradley at Chevron World Challenge World Challenge that was presented by Northwestern Mutual. Keegan Bradley treated Jason Dufner as if he is a USGA official. Jason finished his day with a one-over 73; 4 shots back of Keegan Bradley, who trailed Nick Watney by 2.

Recently, the NCAA and Golf Channel jointly a declared that in 2014, Division I Men’s and Women’s Golf Championships will be back with Men’s Golf Championship event to take place in Hutchinson’s Prairie Dunes Country Club. Few days ago, this announcement was made by the NCAA Executive Vice President of Championships Mark Lewis and Golf Channel President Mike McCarley. Golf Channel, which is one of the fastest growing networks in the United States, will present NCAA golf championships to its worldwide audiences via its media platforms.

NCAA Executive Vice President of Championships and Alliances Mark Lewis told that this event is a result of a collaborative attempt among a whole lot of individuals over a long period, along with the NCAA Division I Men’s and Women’s Golf Committees. He added that they are very excited for their men’s and women’s golf student athletes to receive additional exposure.  Golf fans would also be able to see why these championships are very special.

Paul Casey trolled

It was a bright afternoon at the Alfred Dunhill Links. Paul Casey was about to hit his shot. Suddenly a dog came, took the ball, and simply ran off with it!

Well! It’s an incident that you do not get to hear every day. With a golf championship going on at Kingsbams in Scotland, it is awfully abstract to think that a dog could take away a ball from the ground.  Casey was preparing for a eagle putt from 20-foot distance at the par five 12th hole when this happened.

Paul Casey and his partner, Australian Olympic Swimming wonder Michael Phelps were simply spellbound to see this happening. They were laughing in astonishment as they had never seen such thing taking place on a golf course, with a championship match going on.

Then Casey bought a brand new golf ball to get away with the game and soon after one of them from the crowd came up with the ball which was taken away by the dog. The rules administrator of the European Tour came along to see both the balls and then allowed Casey to go on with the old ball after positioning it on the same spot from where it had been taken.

Paul Casey was simply amazes to see the incident as he said later that it was the weirdest thing that could happen on the golf course. He also reported that he was just about to hit the eagle putt from 20 foot distance at the 12th hole, which was his third, and suddenly a dog appeared and took away the ball. He left the putt short and was tapped in for a birdie.

Casey already had a disastrous season in 2012 and he now ranks 118 in the world. He survived a number of injuries this year. And now with this dog-attack, it seems that the luck factor is really not working for him.

Anthony Kim gives his career another shot

Anthony Kim is trying to regain his week without win considering he had three victories on the PGA tour. His first win was in 2008 at Wachovia Championship, now known as Wells Fargo Championship. It was followed by another victory at the AT&T National during the same year. And in 2010, his last win was during the Shell Houston Open. At present, Kim ranks at 204th with 32 in FedEx Cup.

There had been stories about Kim’s easygoing attitude towards his career and one of these is he likes partying and enjoyment despite the tournaments. Any golfer can say that it is hard to do golf after a busy day. But Kim tried to do that even during the world’s best competitions.

At some point in the previous year, Kim reached six months with no lesson and would not even bother to pick up a club on his free time. For anyone who comments that Bubba did not take a lesson, it does not mean that he is not determined to enhance his game. But, this is different from the case of Anthony Kim.

Injuries can ruin any athlete’s career, and Kim was once a victim of this. His left thumb suffered from a torn ligament and it took him quite a while to overcome it. His bad habits developed during the time he was recuperating until they became harder to break. And he started to lose his confidence, which should not be the case since an athlete needs confidence to propel him to achieve success.

Now, it seems that Anthony Kim began to take things seriously especially his career and he reserved some of his time to develop his skill. Or maybe he has realized that dedication and hard work are important factors to excel in any competition. Whatever his reason is, let us just hope that he will benefit from his renewed effort.

No golf at the Olympics

Its another Olympics without golf?!  Why they don’t want the world’s best golfers to take part is beyond me, especially when Tennis is included (and has similar superstars like Federer and Murray taking part).  Still.  It seems we’ll have to focus on whats goin on in the track events instead.

Men’s 800m

In 116 years, only one Welshman has ever won an Olympic gold medal in track and field. In London in 2012, the odds look stacked against Dai Greene changing that fact. Greene was one of the shocks of the Daegu world championships last year when he snatched the 400m hurdles title, outlasting his rivals down the home straight. Greene, the European champion has odds of 3.50 to outlast Javier Culson just as he did in Daegu last year. Continue reading “No golf at the Olympics”

Furyk fizzles at US Open

Jim Furyk seemed to be quite unpredicatable. His name used to be “T4” which is the short name for the one who ties for 4th. He had a tendency of sneaking up in the leaderboards late and not scaring anyone that he has a possibility to win.

He had fabulous tours in the Olympia fields in the year 2003 where he wiped away for a zero and thirty one mark. This tournament marked the entry of a budding golf star in the picture. Since then Jim Furyk is seen as a force in the golf course to compete with.
Furyk had a golden opportunity to win the US Open this year. He had won US Open nine years before.

He could win it for the second time. He had a scope of getting past half dozen holes but went down the leaderboard. It happened really quickly which was enough to take the breath away. He claims that he played really well throughout the tournament except for the last three holes. He sounded depressed for not having won the US Open in spite of coming really close to win it.

The fortytwo year old American Golfer had even shot one par 1, but all in vain. The winner of US Open Webb Simpson was playing ahead of three groups and he even pulled a tie at one over but his second bogey at number thirteen led to his downfall. Furyk had an easy run in the fifteenth green with 2 par 5s in front of him. Here he had ample opportunity to walk away with elan. After the ruin, he made off the tee at 16, it was unbelievable that his wood did not go fly down the fairway following the ball.